Manzan, City of Four Chains
Zefire, the Dragon Architect, built Manzan so he could protect his horde from adventurers and pay back the Human King Taren III, who had released him from his prison. Unwittingly, the reclusive dragon got more than he asked for as the magnificent floating citadels built by King Taren and his descendants housed more and more as the goblins of the mountains drove people out of the valley below. The once quiet elegant floating mountain is now a labyrinth of people on people on people as the city of Manzan houses men, Mattin, Kitsune, and even Avu in a human led society. The decadent city is rampant with crime ignored by the cruel King, especially in the under city, where Zefire’s lair remains hidden from all and necromancers use the bodies of the discarded dead to build abominations and grow food for the ignorant masses.
The upper city is crowded and loud, but the under city holds adventure and danger.

Manzan Punk